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From the Indiegogo Campaign Page, a clear definition of the aim of the Crowfunding Campaign. "Ken O'Keefe and his team are currently developing a legal and social initiative....

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A Peaceful, Lawful Solution

Max Igan's post

Screenshot of the original initiative Crowdfunding Page, found here

As previously noted, my excitement about this project was sparked as a result of the promise of the initiative being of a peaceful and lawful nature.  Ken intimated that he had a solid, legal plan to achieve what he promised.  In fact, right on the crowdfunding page, to this day, you can see that in an effort to raise money, the wording of the proposal is very specific: “Ken O’Keefe and his team are currently developing a legal and social initiative that will have profound effects on releasing humanity from its current paradigm”.  Let me ask you this question….did you believe that there was a legal solution in mind?  I did.  At the time, I had not become suspicious, so I assumed that Ken had a legally robust plan in mind, and that the plan would be disclosed in due course.  Am I the only one?

Take a minute to watch the videos provided below.

This is a conversation between Max Igan and Ken O’Keefe regarding the subject of the “lawful nature” of the initiative:

[13/04/2016 10:36:38 AM] Ken O’Keefe: The legal work is being done, on time, because I am in charge of it, and everything I always said that needed to be done in this regard is on pace. First draft legal briefs for the US and UK that establish the chain of taxes being payment for international dan (sic) domestic crimes has been completed. Second drafts will commence very soon. The legal opinions on the lawful strategy of wcs by the international attorney (Dr. Doebbler) I always cited is being done, I have confirmed this in the last week, and I expect to have these critical legal opinions within two months.

The legal representatives required to defend world citizens on the basis of the lawful, peaceful social contract of world citizenship is agreed and the basis of their lawful defence will be conducted in line with the legal opinions laid out by Dr. Doebbler; and so I will not know these opinions until he has completed this work. Either way I have said this to you before and I shall repeat it, this mission does not require a legal expert to say we have a legal way to beat the powers that be within their own legal system. This is akin to asking our oppressor for justice, it is stupid, they will never give it, we will take justice and make it the reality.

[14/04/2016, 21:22:23] Max Igan: … ok so really then, what do you need all this fundraising for? what are you going to be supplying the people with by way of the lawful document that prohibits funding war if there is no legal way to do it? and what then will any lawyers be needed to defend? and so again…. what is all the fundraising for? And what is the mission exactly? Because I and others were told it was to create a legally sound social contract that would prevent people from funding war, so were the people who contributed… and I don’t see that anywhere …and yet the fund raising continues and knows no bounds… And I need answers to all these questions because many of the people contributing have supported you on my say so and I’m getting emails from people who want to know what their money is paying for… and if even one of them gets burned or let down in anyway then I can assure you my wrath will know no bounds …. and if all this is just a means of us all standing up as one and there is to be no legal standing in the document, then again, why the massive fundraiser? because standing up does not require money. You already have the respect and following to make that happen without letting money and distrust get in the way of it and mess it up. You could really do something fantastic here…. And in regard to the team, these guys are my friends, all of them and they worked hard and helped you create a fund raiser that went off the charts and they are struggling to get by at present, all of them and honestly, you got way more than you asked for and are still collecting, and if it were me, I would have paid everyone at Acapulco and given them a bonus for a job well done, not quibbled over it… none of what you have done makes sense, your secrecy, your attitude, your actions, your reluctance to pay the team after all your talk about not using volunteers, if you don’t want volunteers then why don’t you pay people what they ask and what you would expect for your work? none of it makes any sense at all, and as much as you are my friend, I have to say that its no wonder people are suspicious and are not trusting you because none of your recent actions support the words you speak.. none of it, zero…. and for you to now switch victim mode and use it as a means of stating distrust for them is not a very responsible attitude…. I’m being honest here Ken, but having watched how all this has gone down and how quickly you are willing to discard the Bali team, or indeed anyone at all who questions you, is not very comforting and has me feeling pretty damn edgy too…


Screenshot 1 of Skype Conversation between Ken O’Keefe & Max Igan

Screenshot 2 of Skype Conversation between Ken O’Keefe & Max Igan

So, indeed, why the need for all of the fundraising?  And how about the secrecy surrounding the solution?  Why is it that we were all asked to delay anyone inquiring about the specifics of the initiative?  If he had just said from the beginning that he did not plan to structure a legal approach, that this initiative was going to pursue non-compliant avenues of ending the endless cycle of war – this would have been another story.  In fact, I am quite confident that he would not have had any success in putting together the original team, nor would he have received the amount of donations that he did. Maybe I am wrong.  Either way, that’s not the point.

The Real Nature of The Real Plan

So, what is the plan?  Simply stated, and as far as I can gather, the plan is this: create a platform, one which will allow people to sign onto as World Citizens, members of an exclusive club.  The requirements are simple: sign a contract, pay $12 a year and get everyone who signs up to get two others to sign up along with them.  Genius, huh?  What if we had divulged this part of the plan to the donors of the original campaign?  Do you think they would have parted with over $115,000?  The point is, Ken is not being honest and upfront about his methods.  And, if you look down below, you will see the power of this “plan”.  If you only bring on 100 new members to the initiative every month, and they, in turn sign up two others (a requirement), each paying $12 a year with an initial administrative fee of $5 and a participation rate of 50%, this is what happens:

Conscious Equilibrium Trust Fund

So, by the third month you’re at 1.5 Million US Dollars, and by the following month, you’re at 79 Million USD. By the end of year 1, the Trust Fund will have accumulated a total of 52.5 Trillion USD!

And of course, the numbers continue to grow exponentially from there.  Now tell me, do you feel that this is an initiative that has to do with justice, peace, ending the cycle of perpetual war, freedom from corruption, bringing those in power to their knees….or perhaps it has more to do with money?  You make the call.

The “subversion” report

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