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From the Indiegogo Campaign Page, a clear definition of the aim of the Crowfunding Campaign. "Ken O'Keefe and his team are currently developing a legal and social initiative....

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How it all began

Max Igan's post

In late autumn of last year, I grew increasingly aware of the complete mess that this world is facing and I’d had enough of the lies, the manipulation and the complete deceit that our species is and has been subjected to. I looked around to see who was doing good work, in my opinion, and to reach out to see if I could lend a hand.  I had been working helping others in their quests to produce their research, whether by working on websites, helping build presentations, making phone calls – doing whatever I could to be of service.  I am still very much engaged in that work. I have never asked for anything in return, other than courtesy and respect.

I had been well aware of Ken’s work for some time.  Having watched him deliver many compelling presentations on the nature of the deceit, those responsible for such deceit, as well as the solutions that he was proposing, I decided to reach out to offer my help. I consider myself an intelligent person with a high degree of motivation.  I speak 4 languages and I have a lot of energy, ideas, as well as a wide variety of skills to offer.

Ken and I were introduced through a mutual friend, someone I have known for over a decade, and someone who I trust implicitly. His work speaks for itself and he is one of the people who has been seeking, researching and telling the truth about the way this world operates – for over 30 years.  About two years ago, I offered to help this individual, knowing full well that he was someone who I could trust, and who could undoubtedly use some help. Unlike many other people in this “movement”, I had no need to step into the limelight, I still don’t.  My aim was to be of service, something that has been drummed into me through my studies of Yoga and other spiritual practices.  That is my aim to this day.

When I first spoke with Ken, I was asked to build a website for him, one that would serve as a platform to house a lot of his videos and other content that he had produced over many years. You can find this website here.

I worked hard on that site, and knew that this would be something that would help Ken to reach many thousands of people.  I spent dozens upon dozens of hours making this a visually appealing site, and one that was highly functional.  Ken was obviously very pleased to have someone on board who could handle the task and who simply got the job done.

It was shortly after the launch of this site that I received a request to work on the World Citizen Solutions Team.  I asked about the initiative, what it’s aim was and how it would roll out.  I was given the same answer that many others were given: Ken had found a solution to get us out of the endless cycle of war and war crimes.  He had a peaceful and lawful solution that would stop us from having to fund wars and crimes against humanity.  This sounded fantastic, and I was keen to know more.  When I asked about the details of the plan, I was asked to be patient, that the details would be revealed in time.  Ken explained that there had been infiltration in many of his past initiatives, and that through them, he had learnt not to divulge too much information in the early stages of the campaign.  I felt somewhat apprehensive, but when I watched the WCS Launch video, I saw that there were some well known and highly respected people associated with this campaign.  I figured that if Max Igan, Elisabeth Seninde, Mimi Al Laham (Syrian girl), and many other people whose work I followed – had a belief in this initiative – so could I.  I went on faith and joined a team of people who had just come back from a trip to Bali where the World Citizen Solutions campaign was discussed and planned out.

To this point, there was absolutely no mention of any type of compensation for my help.  I was happy to volunteer my time and my energy.  This seemed like a great cause and I felt a sense of purpose. Though I came on as the principal web-designer for the project, it became all too clear that my skills would also be needed in other arenas.  Specifically, we began receiving a slew of questions, messages of support, people offering to volunteer, and many other requests.  As soon as it became apparent how much correspondence would be received, I was asked to take on the primary responsibility for handling that aspect of the campaign.  I responded to all of the messages that were received through the website–  I was also asked to head up the management of the volunteers.  I engaged with literally hundreds of people throughout that time, delegating projects to volunteers, making sure that responses were being sent out in a timely fashion and helping keep the entire team motivated to work hard, and give it their all throughout the entire length of the campaign.

Once the campaign was well under way, I was approached and asked what type of compensation I would require for working on the campaign.  I needed to replace an old laptop, and had been working on an 8 year old machine while away traveling.  We agreed to this and I was eventually reimbursed for this purchase. Some time later, once the campaign was coming to an end, I was asked to provide a figure for my ongoing participation in the initiative.  We went back and forth and eventually Ken agreed to pay me USD1,000 per month.

One of the things that I found strange was Ken’s insistence on my wife and I moving to Dominica. Once it became clear that we would be be successful in the crowdfunding campaign, almost every phone or Skype conversation focused on the need to commit to a permanent move to Dominica.  He spoke of the natural beauty of the island, and just how paradisaical it is.  I did speak to my wife about this request and we came to a decision that we would not be able to make such a move due to family responsibilities and other commitments.

In one particular conversation which I will never forget, Ken alluded to the fact that there would be money in this – long term.  He said that his name carried a certain recognition factor and that he had a plan to raise large sums of money, and that we would all be compensated exceptionally well.  I was a little taken aback by this since I had made it patently clear that my motivation was not financial.  I wanted to help.  I was here to serve.

The solution


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