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From the Indiegogo Campaign Page, a clear definition of the aim of the Crowfunding Campaign. "Ken O'Keefe and his team are currently developing a legal and social initiative....

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Subversion Report – Page 13


“Believe me, I was the first to point out that this request of having a picture of the earth from “space” was impossible to fulfil, but the team would hear none of it. In fact this was almost a make or break for me, and I decided it wasn’t worth fighting over at this stage.”

Author’s note: This was an honest and complete answer to a genuine concern that a supporter had.  When asked to place an image of earth from space, our beautiful planet from afar, I did mention in passing to Ken that it was not possible to fulfil this request without lying to our audience.  At the time, Ken did agree with me, saying he was aware of the lies that NASA has passed off on us.  I believe it has been well established that there are no existing unedited, un-retouched photographs of our globe earth from space.  My responses to the supporter as well as to Ken on this issue, were both honest and to the point.  I never made any further issue of this.  Nothing more ever came of this.


(In my email reply to William on this issue of apparently not replying to to him on the “legal issue”, I made clear that I had never intentionally avoided him on any issue and I asked him to resend the email – he never resent this apparently critical email)

Author’s note: I sent the email twice, separated by several days and received no reply either time.  If you refer to my letter of resignation, you will note that I place the principal reason for leaving the mission being the lack of acknowledgement or response to my requests for information on the legal issues.  If Ken had asked me to resend the emails where I bring up the legal issues, why would Ken not address this at the point when I resigned?  You will notice in the reply to my letter of resignation, Ken accepted my resignation, said he would have nothing but praise for my contribution towards the mission and failed to raise any issue with respect to re-sending the emails in question.  Just one more lie.


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