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From the Indiegogo Campaign Page, a clear definition of the aim of the Crowfunding Campaign. "Ken O'Keefe and his team are currently developing a legal and social initiative....

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Subversion Report – Page 27

…that’s what I want to speak to you about, but I am waiting for word back from Max and what he is deciding before I can speak about it.

Authors note:  My wife and I, along with other team members, wanted to go public with our findings, as we are in this page.  We had been urged by Sam, another member of the team, to wait until Max had a chance to speak with Ken at the Free Your Mind Conference in Philadelphia, before doing so.  After this meeting with Ken, we were further urged to hold off on any disclosure.  Max had spoken with Ken and wanted to allow him some additional time to respond.  It was not until the last week or so, that Max approached us again with a decision to go public with his statement, and asked us to publish our experience.

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