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Subversion Report – Page 4

I was to meet William Genske and his wife for the first time at the conference, and in fact William’s ticket was paid for with world citizen funds so he could act as a representative of the mission and also create a database of all contacts made at the conference, organised in such a way as to maximise our networking results. This job was never done.

Author’s note: This job was indeed done.  In fact it was done to perfection. How could Ken even know what was done or not?   He was missing in action for the better part of the conference.  Many names, information, business cards were collected as a result of literally dozens of conversations throughout the conference.  All were in put into the database, and this was reported to Ken on several occasions in separate conversations.  If anyone can be accused of subversion, Ken did a great job of subversion of his own initiative throughout the course of the conference.

Further, my wife and I both paid for our tickets out of pocket, as well as our lodging, with the understanding that we would both be reimbursed for these expenses, since we were both working at the conference.  My wife’s expenses were never returned, despite working long, tiresome hours, setting up meetings for Ken to meet with people, people anxious to get some time with Ken.  Most of these meetings had to be postponed several times, and some cancelled altogether.

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