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From the Indiegogo Campaign Page, a clear definition of the aim of the Crowfunding Campaign. "Ken O'Keefe and his team are currently developing a legal and social initiative....

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Subversion Report – Page 5

It has always been my nature to follow my heart and that was what I was doing, while maintaining my ultimate responsibilities to the mission. Nonetheless my decreased availability was less than ideal and I apologised more than once for this to team members, but again asked them to forego judgment and perhaps be happy for me.

Author’s note: I do not recall receiving any apologies.  Apparently Ken’s “ultimate responsibilities to the mission” included asking his team to lie and cover for him, so that he could avoid appointments set by his team, which he agreed to attend, only later to have a “stomach bug” – a story he came up with on the spot, a lie he asked us to repeat to mission supporters as well as highly important contacts who brought an immense body of research to the table, which they were very keen to share with the initiative.

Not long afterwards I began to hear whispers about money, people in the team felt like they were not paid enough, and soon I had the programmer for the website, someone who had agreed to do the required webwork at an agreed price within 90 days, was now questioning where the money was going and the legal viability of the mission. As far as I knew only William, who was being paid to keep that web work going on track, would have been able to relay such information.

Author’s note: Nobody felt they weren’t being paid enough, team members were simply looking to get reimbursed for expenses that had been agreed upon.  In our case, Ken decided that only my expenses would be reimbursed, not my wife’s.  If I had not done the job that was expected of me, as claimed on page 4, why would he have reimbursed my expenses at all?  Further, Ken accuses me of being the only one to be able to “relay that information”.  What information did I have to relay?  None, is the answer.  I had as much information then as I did at the time when I came on board with the team, and as much as people have been given to date.

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