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From the Indiegogo Campaign Page, a clear definition of the aim of the Crowfunding Campaign. "Ken O'Keefe and his team are currently developing a legal and social initiative....

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The aim of this website is simply to set the record straight.  My name is William Genske, I am a professional photographer and a web-designer, living and doing business in Germany.  Since September of 2001 I have been doing research on how the world operates, who is behind the true source of power, and why we are in the mess that we are in.  I had followed Ken’s work for some time, and I was duly impressed with his approach: no nonsense – says it like it is – doesn’t hold back.  I approached Ken O’Keefe, drawn in by his charisma and ability to see the problem, articulate it well and not pull any punches. Over the ensuing months, a person very different from the one I had come to know through his presentations, began to emerge.

After a successful campaign to raise $79,000, (we in fact raised over $115,000) – a shift in the story began to take shape.  Meeting Ken for the first time at the Anarchapulco Conference in February of this year, I began to question the legal strategy that Ken was pursuing, the solution he was proposing to end the endless cycle of war. Nobody on the team seemed to have any notion as to the legal strategy.  Ken was not sharing any information with us whatsoever.  He simply noted that he had an elite legal team with a massive amount of experience in the human rights arena working on a legal brief.  In fact, his focus, time and energy was spent primarily of raising money.  Though the initial goal of $79k had been blown out of the water – it was not enough. More money was raised in his TSA tour, which took place right after the Anarchapulco conference in Mexico, which both my wife and I were asked to attend and work on behalf of the mission.  When we returned from Mexico, I was asked to put all of my efforts into raising additional funds for the mission by starting another crowdfunding campaign at Max Keiser’s platform, StartJoin.  This is when I began to ask questions.  Simply put, I wanted to know what strides were being made on a legal plan.  I asked, but received nothing in response.  Eventually, it became clear that what he was promising was simply a that – a promise, nothing else.

After seeing this clearly, I decided to walk away from the project.  I was not fired.  He lied about that. I voluntarily emailed him my resignation.  In fact, his claim that he had to “let go of the entire team”, is a fabrication. We all walked away from the initiative of our own accord. Shortly after I resigned, the accusation that there had been subversion within the initiative was announced – here.  There was no subversion of any type.  None.  What there was plenty of, were unanswered questions.  Questions about the promises that had been made, and the authenticity of Ken’s legal approach.

My goal here is simply to set the record straight.  My aim is not to attack anyone, I simply need the truth to be known.  I do not take kindly to false accusations. And I believe the truth can stand on its own. I will deliver evidence backing up my claims.

The vast majority of the people reading this will not have met Ken O’Keefe – nor will they ever.  Ken has a very specific effect on people when delivering what he has to say.  He knows very well what to say, and how to say it. He has studied his art well. And it is a compelling story to listen to.  And while all is going well for Ken, there’s no problem.  Only when faced with difficulties does Ken turn readily to anger and aggression.  He can turn in a split second, will become very loud and aggressive, and he will display many characteristics of a very insecure human being.

I, too, was fooled by the facade.  If you have ever spent any length of time with Ken, you will know what I am referring to.

And as far as the accusations made against me, I plan to address each and every one of them.  I believe I have proceeded with prudence and with care. I do not feel that any of the accusations against me have any merit.  I have included each page of the 31 page “subversion report”, which is a document filled with many lies.  Much of it is purely a fantasy of Ken’s imagination.  Nothing more.

I have been urged, both by my own conscience and by trusted friends, to come out with a statement letting people know what I experienced. Part of the reason I am writing this is because I feel a sense of responsibility to share my experience and express my thoughts about it. I also believe that when putting energy into any initiative or mission, that it is my responsibility to question the intent of the mission as well as the methods used in order to move that project forward.  I am not and have never been an order-follower.  All of the team members feel this way.  Perhaps that is why Ken now says that he always had intended to replace the team after a successful fund-raising campaign.

On the subject of the team, I have to say that this was one of the most dynamic, hard working, committed and effective teams I have ever had the pleasure to work with.  Initially, we were all very enthusiastic about the mission.  We all worked long hours tirelessly throughout the time we were on the team.  For a good part of the campaign, 20 hour days were commonplace for many of us.  We were devoted to the cause and we were all excited to work together, as a cohesive force that got things done. Mat Dowle, the author of the Community Connector (COEO), wanted to post his comment on this site since accusations regarding the unfinished website were partially pointed at him in the “subversion report”. I hope that over time, other members of the team will be compelled to speak their truth and share their experiences.

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